About Us

MAXHRM connects graduates and young professionals with many attractive Chinese employers
in China or here operating Chinese-European and Dutch international companies.

About MAX

MAX dedication

MAX as no other epitomise an international background with knowledge and insight of cultural intelligence. Diversity in the workplace is an asset to enhance competence. We care about our corporate clients and organisations relationships. Companies look for a portfolio of experiences, we connect and match employers with candidates.

MAX experience

MAX listens, pays attention and understands what it takes to bring and connect top talent to our international clients. Experienced in fields as Finance, IT, Bio-Tech & Life science, Food & Agriculture, Energy, Automotive, Mechanical Engineering and other areas. We take care and fulfil all placements with high-skilled, knowledgeable professionals with an innovative mindset. Visit MAX site for a full overview and full-fledged dedication.

MAX delivers

MAX team of professionals have a proven track record of placements based on years of experience. Practice makes perfect not words or promises. Trust is what we give and receive from our existing and growing client list. Their word of mouth is the best advertising and employs the Law of attraction.

MAX services

MAX overseas job posting, overseas resume database, overseas talent source & screen, overseas headhunting, overseas hiring event. Next to recruitment, Direct Placement, Executive search, Interim/Contracting services and Candidate testing. For a new opening of company head-/branch-office, we offer consultancy services. We can provide HR assistance and/or aid the process of screening and build the new team(s). Non-EU professional's assistance residency and visa application process with Dutch IND (immigration office).

About Sino-Dutch Career Fair 2017

MAXHRM organises the first combined on- and offline recruiting fair in The Netherlands with a European-Chinese Focus. Collaborating with many attractive employers from Europe and the Greater China region, who use this event as an opportunity to recruit talented students and young professionals.

Through MAXHRM Career Days – The Netherlands career and recruiting fair with a focus on China – MAXHRM offers a combined offline and online presence that is unique in the industry. Chinese and Dutch visitors attend each year to meet with representatives from a variety of European and Chinese businesses.